Friday, August 28, 2009

Actress Parker Posey Has Lyme Disease

Today, on Yahoo search, Lyme Disease was the 4th most searched term.

I don't find this at all unbelievable. As Lyme Disease grows it's beginning to effect well known public figures. Actress Parker Posey now has it.

But I wonder how long she's had it and as you know, the longer you've had it the harder it can be to get rid of. My feelings are that she probably has had Lyme Disease for a while, but has just now gotten a diagnosis for most people with Lyme.

Anyway, I'm sadden to hear of it. And I hope she recovers completely.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Internal Cleansing To Fight Lyme Disease Damage and To Beer or Not To Beer

The Internal Cleanse

Back from my first Triathlon this past weekend in Charleston, SC, I’m ready to do one of the last major cleanses for this year. I really do believe that many health issues can be resolved when we detox ourselves fully and so far I’ve been feeling the effects of them!

I have a high school friend who likes to do something “crazy”once a year for her birthday. Last year we biked from Philly to DC in 4 days on mountain bikes (that’s about
80-100 miles a day on trails!).
Since I turn the same age at the end of the year, naturally I always take her up on her challenges.

I decided to go for the triathlon simply because I knew training a little for it would prepare me for this fall when I go train at altitude (the beginning of the training for the U.S. Indoor World Championships in Qatar).

But after doing only 3 training swims (first time swimming since 2003) and doing 5 “bike and runs” on the weekends, I had no idea I would place 3rd in the Open/Elite division.
In fact, I rode a mountain bike with hybrid tires and naturally I had to work OVERTIME to try to stay up with the others…which I didn’t and I probably lost about 10 minutes over the 13 miles we rode. Those 10 minutes would have put me in first place!

I was so impressed by some of the older men and women there who were sooo FIT. It was beyond impressive. One guy passed me on his bike. Well, actually lot of guys passed me on the bike part, but since our ages are clearly marked on our calves, I noticed one man who was 59
who flew past me
. Gosh, I really need to get a road bike, but it wasn’t like I was standing still by any means!

I should also mention that I kept remembering to drink while riding which I noticed many who weren’t and I think that’s why I blew past everyone on the run.

I noticed many who got off their bikes and immediately had “Charlie Horses” in their calves…but I had the secret weapon. Guess what it was? Taste Sensitive Electrolytes!
They tasted like pure salt while I was biking (which indicates I was in desperate need of it. Everyone else had their “GU” packets but other than providing a quick dose of glucose and perhaps a little caffeine and protein, it didn’t give them their electrolytes properly. I had one of these packets in addition to the electrolytes, so I had everything covered!

.....So I’m hooked on triathlons and will be probably doing more of these to build a base for the rest of my track and field career because I believe it’s going to prepare me for the long racing season.

It was a lot of fun and it is a really good fun sport to plan for participating in if you’re sick. I always say you have to have real physical goals when you’re ill, because saying you just want to feel better is way too VAGUE.

*Met a few nice people who had Lyme
Disease and friends with Lyme Disease at the Tri (all because of my Lyme Disease shirt).

Yep, I'm trying out a frequency ( I Wasn't Lying) see my necklace. :)

To Beer or Not To Beer

Well, I should also admit that I had 7 beers the night before the triathlon and I didn’t sleep at all because I was bitten some months earlier by a tick (see this newsletter here) at this friend’s house INDOORS on her couch. So when I arrived at 12:00 midnight I couldn’t
sleep because I kept thinking ticks were crawling on me. And then at 5:00 am we were up getting ready!

Now, the truth is when I get serious when running I may have a beer every now and then (which means once a month, if that much), but drinking alcohol does two things that aren’t helpful.

One…it can rob your body of IRON (once you go deficient it takes months to get it back).

Secondly… it taxes your liver and you people who are sick (or just training hard physically) shouldn’t be putting any unnecessary burden on your liver. In most
people, it’s super taxed already…especially those with LYME!

So I say stay away from the "Amber Fluids" and also the Burgundy Fluids (that would be wine) for now. And liquor is an absolute NO-NO. You get no benefits from this at all unless you’re just trying to get sloppy drunk or sloppy sick.

....Back To Cleansing

With the actual bacteria in check, keeping your nutrients balanced and detoxing are probably two of the most important things you can do to repair your body and move on with your life.

One of my reasons for having “wild” success is because I’m getting rid of toxins I’ve accumulated for YEARS (30 years to be exact). And boy does it feel good to get rid of them!

I don’t suggest anyone who is seriously battling Lyme and who has all kinds of OTHER issues which need to be taken care of do any kind of major internal cleanse. (Do you want to know about all of the OTHER issues in detail? See Arden for getting coaching from me.)

It can be tough on the body and some people will have “healing crisis” or “herx reactions” because their body is going to be dumping so much of its waste and it can be physically taxing.

It’s a once a year type of thing for people who are healthy and are not totally in the middle of beating back Lyme. You know who you are!

This is the internal cleanse I’m doing right now

It’s a lot of a lot of and it’s worth it!

And having my nutrients balanced on top of that makes this cleanse work BIG TIME. Because all of the essential nutrients in your body go towards the processes that help you
eliminate waste and repair damage done to your organs
(from Lyme and from toxins and even medications).

If you haven’t balanced your nutrients yet, shame on you!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Here’s what another Tick Slayer just wrote me a few weeks ago about it:

While I’m training and racing, I will be doing much simpler things to detox because I think it’s DETRIMENTAL TO MY HEALTH and CONTINUAL MAINTENANCE.

It’s just impossible to do massive ones like this and not feel the effects, which means my training would suffer and it might not be so prudent to be pushing physically so hard while so much of your body’s energy should and WILL be going to detoxing and repairing. So the time is now. You figure out when the time is right for you.

And if you need a real plan and approach (on many things not mentioned in the newsletters), get some coaching from me!

See ya later Tick Slayer,


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P.S. Could HPU (KPU) Be Making You SICK and Tired?

In a past newsletter (see this newsletter here) I wrote about how a well known LL MD, said 80% of his Lyme patients had HPU (false term is called KPU) and how it can be responsible for chronic fatigue and it this metabolic sickness basically, disarms the immune system by depleting the body of minerals like zinc. Zinc is also what is used to squash the problem!

Dr. Mercola wrote me and told me that tasting zinc doesn't work. I'm still in a debate about
this. I personally believe the effectiveness of John Kitkoski's taste sensitive minerals. I've had an explosively good reaction with them! I have tried to taste zinc tablets before but it always tasted terrible and seem to do nothing. But using the liquid zinc in the kit has always been taste sensitive (either good or it turns bad when I've had my fill).

For those who are using the taste sensitive minerals, I would double or triple my
suggested drop dosage
on the bottle until the "whammy" starts to taste strange or NOT SO DELICIOUS (you know the drill) and then you can back off of the zinc part until you want to test yourself again to see if you need it.....

Because there is a good chance you probably have HPU and you can combat it this way. ..and
this is probably why it's not an issue with me.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Preping The Mind For Lyme Beating Excellence - Chinese Medicine

This week I went to a Chinese Medicine Doctor. This lady doctor owns a well known Acupuncture and Chinese
Medicine School in Asheville, North Carolina.

After my brief conventional Lyme treatment try back in 2005, she was able to help me walk up stairs again
and this was the first step for me in rebuilding my body …even though I still had a long way to go for a full recovery and still had many unanswered questions.

I went to see her again for a few reasons. One is that I haven’t seen her in several years and I wanted to let her know how I was doing. The second was to see if there were any issues I still needed to work on, because I seek excellence in health and am unwilling to leave any stone unturned. Just because I've done a 180 doesn't mean I'm going to LET UP anytime soon. Good health is something you constantly nurture.

Dr. C has an amazing ability to read people. I’m sure that is something she was taught in China when she studied medicine over there. Dr. C has not only worked on my body’s physical system as a whole, but she has worked on my emotional well-being and helped me release a lot of anger/fear and other poisonous emotions that surfaced while treating Lyme.

I didn’t tell her how well I was doing when I first saw her. I wanted to see if she could tell how well I really was. She told me exactly what I thought…which was, WOW you’re ready to run. I was always trying to get her to say that a few years ago, but both of us knew that I had a long way to go.

I’ll be working with Dr. C up until The World Championships in 2010 on any small issues which can be eradicated and also about any lingering negative emotions which might be eliminated.

I told her about the book and how it became a catharsis for me, not only to pass along to everyone what I knew but also to cleanse myself of the stressful situations and emotions which surfaced during my own personal hell the last few years. (Go to or more info.)

One of the first things she said to me was that I was still holding on to something. Her real interest is helping me make sure there is no lingering VICTIM TALK going on in my head because when I return to racing full time I will have to race and train like there never was a disease. This is probably one of the hardest parts of healing.. is to let all of the HELL you've been through go.

I wrote a newsletter some weeks ago about this same situation, so it was interesting to hear her say this and be of like mind with me. She told me a story about a woman who had cancer and she advised her NOT to go to the cancer meetings. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

So for the rest of the year, most of my “Health Maintenance” will actually be on working on my emotional well being with Dr. C as well as making myself a real ROCK physically.

As far as Chinese Medicine goes, I think if you find someone who really knows what they are doing (true with anything right?) it can be a very helpful and supportive therapy to get. It obviously isn't the ENTIRE picture, but with Lyme Disease ALL help is HELP and works towards the end goal, being LYME FREE.

Health Reform Is A Bust

A newsletter receiver (and fellow Tick Slayer) sent me this email (Thank you, Desiree).

For health reasons I’ve been trying to stay slightly ignorant on this topics (because I'm the type of person when I get angry...I REALLY get angry), but I will pass this along to you, because from what I see we have a HUGE problem surfacing if health care is reformed the way that the current administration wants it. It won’t be good for people with Lyme Disease. If you thought you have it bad now…just wait.

Don’t get upset, just pass it on and write your representatives (That’s supposedly what they are
there for.)

Copy of the bill:

Here are a few big ones from the list I was emailed:

● Page 50: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free healthcare services.

● Page 59: The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

● Page 65: Taxpayers will subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans (read: SEIU, UAW and ACORN)

● Page 195: Officers and employees of Government Healthcare Bureaucracy will have access to ALL American
financial and personal records.

● Page 241: Doctors: no matter what specialty you have,you'll all be paid the same (thanks, AMA!) If you think doctors are bad now, wait until they all get paid the same!

● Page 265: Government mandates and controls productivity for private healthcare industries. **Note:Private healthcare is what got me healthy!

● Page 354: Government will restrict enrollment of SPECIAL NEEDS individuals.

People with Lyme really need to have choices for healthcare, which include alternative options. When our choices are limited, people with Lyme WILL suffer.

Because the ONE SHOE DOES NOT FIT ALL, THE CONVENTIONAL ROUTE WILL NOT WORK. Individualized, personal care is the real winner.

“CHOICE: It’s how you get healthy.”

That would be my anti-slogan for this.

If this is important to you and you want others to know about the looming problem that faces all of us, then pass this on to your friends and family……

Ahhh The Weekend Is Here

The weekend is a great time to relax and to also think about a plan to get healthy. On the Blog there are some back issues of this newsletter. Take the time to re-read some of the older newsletters to see if there is anything YOU might be missing out on.

If I write about something, it means it’s pertinent to and serious on the subject of Lyme Disease. Although I do try to keep the newsletters personal and entertaining, when I mention products and treatments and schools of thought…they’re things I HAVE USED personally to overcome my own health crisis.

I spent a number of years experimenting on myself, researching and finding my own way out of this mess with the same tenacity and dedication I have when it comes to training and racing.

So re-read and USE the information!

Using Minerals To Beat Lyme Disease and The Scoop On Frequencies

Slaying Lyme Fatigue

Bitten By A Tick Again- But This I'm Prepared!- Click here

Electrolyte Imbalances Are Common In All People Who Are Sick/ Correcting The Imbalance - Click here

How long does a tick need to be attached? Click here

Is Your Lyme Doctor At Fault?

Parasites- Just another Lyme Disease Issue!

New testing for Lyme Disease, better than IgeneX? Click here

Biological Terrain and Mold Issues For Lymies- Click here

Treating Inflammation Associated with Lyme Disease- Click here

Let Food Be They Medicine...Are You Getting Enough Fats? How to tell

More Back Newsletter Issues- click here

See ya later Tick Slayer,

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"Most Valuable Resource I Have EVER Received..."


"...I Wish That I Spoke To Perry First Before Doing Anything!"

"Information That You Can't Find Elsewhere...She Is On The Cutting Edge Such That Some Information Really Leaves You Astonished.."

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Dr. Lendon Smith wrote a book called, Feed Your Body Right. The book is an excellent read and talks about how simple balancing of nutrients is the key to success from ADD to Cancer. He raves about the Complete Health Kit in the book towards the end. If you want to know about how Dr. Smith was using simple methods that adhere to "God's law of human chemistry"- then check this book out today! It's a good read.

Feed Your Body Right: Understanding Your Individual Body Chemistry for Proper Nutrition Without Guesswork

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Using Minerals To Beat Lyme Disease..and the Scoop of Frequencies!

I’m still going through material that I gathered at the Lyme-Autism conference
and I’m trying to report on some of the most significant information that I’ve personally experienced (so I know it’s true).

During a conversation with Dr. Joe Mercola, we were discussing what Dr. Klinghardt was saying about Lymies (excuse me TICK SLAYERS) having mineral deficiencies. Dr. Klinghardt hit this one right on the head.

As I’ve been trying to pound into everyone’s brain, the issue is nutrient deficiencies. I cannot say it loudly enough that it should be priority #1 to fix. How else is your body going to perform
against the onslaught of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, yeast, stress, pollution, EMF?…the list goes on and on.

Dr. Klinghardt, along with some other doctors, is big into taking minerals. Unfortunately for my case, I didn’t find out about this until my last year of healing, but getting my minerals balanced was another HUGE step in the right direction…so in my opinion, it’s always better late, than NEVER.

Minerals keep the immune system working. They keep the NK cells and macrophages
pumped up. These are the cells that are the “fighter cells.” Klinghardt says that Lyme patients are most often depleted in copper, magnesium, manganese and iron.

Copper and iron are needed for phagocytosis (the process of devouring the “bad guys”). I remember part of my intense fatigue was simply because I was very low in iron as many people with Babesiosis are. Once I discovered this and corrected the problem, it was another big breakthrough. (Now taking the smell sensitive iron in my kit is all I need to keep it optimum and not have to worry about anemia.) Mind blowing as it seems, I had two doctors, well known LL MDs actually look over my blood work and never picked up on the problem. Hemogoblin is usually on the CBC panel, but Ferritin (your body storage levels of iron) is what should be tested as well. If you don’t have the test, it’s easy enough to just smell what you need now with the kit. But know that iron (for example) is already a nutrient that many people (especially women) are low in. So having something like Babesiosis on to of that means there is a good chance some of
your fatigue could be because of this issue.

Klinghardt also mentions that many Lyme patients suffer from Purroluria. The term is HPU and 80% of his Lyme patients were reported having it. The false term is KPU. This metabolic sickness, disarms the immune system by depleting the body of minerals like zinc (300 enzymes are dependent on this one mineral) and manganese.

Klinghardt further says, “Filling up your body’s mineral reserves has always been the most essential part of our heavy metal detox program. It is also the most essential part of our Lyme treatment.”

This makes sense to me because zinc can displace toxic metals, and almost every Lyme patient will have some type of issue with metals. Heavy metal can attack the body’s methylation pathways. This is a pathway crucial for your body as it detoxes you.

After hearing Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Mercola was asking me about taking minerals. I simply told him about the taste sensitive minerals I had been on and we agreed that it’s probably what’s been working so well for me and further investigation into this KPU for me, was not an

I’m perfectly aware that, just like you, we probably have many similar viruses as well. All humans do. But it makes sense that replacing CRUCIAL elements like your essential minerals could really do wonders for you. It did for me. So I pass it on.

You can get the taste sensitive minerals I use right here. Let your body tell you exactly how much of each essential minerals you need BY TASTE!

Electromagnetic Smog And Why It Could Be Making You Sick

We live in a world of cell phones, TVs, phones, wireless internet, etc. We are bombarded by the negative frequencies this technology emits and since our own bodies are electrical, we suffer, because the frequencies produced by this technology are NOT harmonizing with our own bodies.

From studies there is some astonishing evidence that over time these devices can cause harm…which can be seen by looking at someone’s blood under a microscope with and without these bad frequencies.

You may or may not have heard this, but yes, I’ve been playing with frequencies for a LONG TIME! Not only to heal Lyme and other cooties, but to charge my water, food and even air.

This is the science of the future. I do believe it because of my own experience. I go into great detail in my book. (Sign up for release information at about using such devices).

My latest testing was done on some geomagnetic cards. They look like credit cards,
but on the strip there is a charge that has been placed on them. One has a frequency to heal and the other has a frequency to remineralize. In combo you can literally TAP your pain away. How
do I know? Because I’ve used them.

I made my mother use them when she had a nasty fall and had an eggplant sized
purple bruise on her leg. Not only did they help the pain, but the healing of the area with a few minutes of use with the cards was quite dramatic. I’ve seen how bruises heal. The last time I
had a purple/black bruise was when I ran up this mountain for 5 miles, turned around and was so tired I got sloppy running down. I hit a rock, giving myself a terrible ankle sprain (so bad it
would have been better had I just broken it).

My purple bruise took weeks to go away. But my mother who is 62 years old had
amazing results. See photos below:

day 1 with cards
day 2 with cards
day 3 with cards

The reason why I’m sharing this is because I’ve found a great cheap way to have someone put this proprietary charge on cards (and perhaps even jewelry). I’ve seen something similar and I’ve been spending the last few months trying out products and trying to figure out what’s best, cheapest and what ultimately WORKS. It’s good to try out these products to see if they are better than the technology that is on these cards. I want what’s best and I know you do as well.

So I’m not finished with my research, but I wanted to share with you how neat this really is.

Back in 2005, I started using a pendant a friend had made for me. He told to be careful with it because it would make me detox. I had my kinesiologist test it on me a year later. He said it made me very parasympathetic. The charge was so strong that I would run like a maniac for about 5 minutes in practice and then BLOW a fuse (probably from being so parasympathetic). What’s interesting is that this is the time I noticed symptoms from Lyme cropping up. I didn’t know it was Lyme yet because I didn’t have my race BOMB yet that made me realize I was sick. But I do recognize that there is a charge that is so powerful it can actually make you detox rapidly and kill bugs as well. There’s a good chance that I began my Lyme journey simply because I put that pendant on and OVERUSED IT. I can't confirm any of this, but if I did use the pendant again during my healing journey because I realized it was going to help me rid myself of toxins. I did use it strategically while detoxing.

Now not all of these card and pendants have this type of power because the charge (frequency put on them) can be manipulated. Frequencies that kill Lyme can be placed on an object and used. Frequencies can align water molecules so that they are easily assimilated. Here are frequencies that promote healing or remineralized tissues.

It’s quite endless. The double whammy I use is taking this aloe and charging it with my card and then ozonating it. You get highly assimilated nutrient packed and oxygenated aloe. YIPPIE! That’s good stuff.

I’m going to continue researching and will dedicate a newsletter to the topic in the near future.

See ya later Tick Slayer,

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Slaying Lyme Disease Fatigue- Absorbing Toxins

Lyme Fatigue STINKS!

Probably one of the worst symptoms of Lyme Disease is that “dead” feeling, the constant fatigue which can make getting through each day a real hassle. There are many reasons why fatigue is present.

Even with people who are Lyme-Free (should I say those few who are probably left Lyme-Free for now) can have fatigue. Fatigue is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. It all goes along with the increase of autoimmune illnesses. I think fatigue is basically a combination of your body fighting hard to detox nasty substances, the immune system being suppressed (by invaders or by other means), lifestyle not quite right, and nutrient deficiencies.

Today I went for a run and I raced to the grocery store because I had a “hankering” for LIVER. I bought some calf liver (Yeah, I think VEAL is cruel but the liver byproduct is a way better choice then grown up cow, simply because the toxins in the calf liver are far less that that of “daddy cow”). I went home and blended it up (RAW) with some tomato juice and parsley. The vitamin C in the juice helps me assimilate the iron in the organ and parsley is also a nice leafy green that is a great iron source.

I call this the PERRY PUKE SHAKE, although in many countries eating organs is quite natural and those who like eating organ meat will have no problem with this. So it makes me want to puke a little, but the end result is worth it.

The nutrients in the liver are unparalleled. You can buy glandular to treat adrenal exhaustion, which sometimes is the reason why you could be so tired. Food can be medicine and when you drink something like the PUKE SHAKE (without puking, of course) it can be quite beneficial. In fact, it’s one of my running secrets.

I had this crazy Brazilian coach who told me to do this. Remember Mary Decker Slaney, the runner who fell off the track at the LA Olympics when she was clipped by the barefoot athlete? Well, he was her coach also! He was convinced that this was so delicious. While I felt otherwise, it was actually helpful.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore my smell sensitive vitamin kit. It’s the reason why I don’t have to worry about being anemic anymore OR have to give myself B-12 shots in the butt which was misery because everyone acted like I was doping. I use it daily to get what I need, but if you’re fighting disease and/or exercising a lot or having huge amounts of stress, then adding in SUPER FOODS is quite important. Everyone talks about the berries, but don’t forget the protein!

So if you’re having fatigue, cover your butt on the nutrient side, get the smell sensitive vitamin kit and start implementing it. In the meantime start thinking about getting creative with foods.

Are you in need of a REFILL for your body
chemistry balancing kit?

(Then fill'er up and get a 20% discount right now! I'll be taking advantage of this as
well seeing that I'm always low on Ammonium Chloride (an
amazing and virtually unknown essential nutrient!)
and I
need to replace a few minerals ( Ah, the importance
of minerals will be an entirely separate newsletter)!

Use Special Code: XPT3 at checkout

If you really feel bad, sticking to cooked vegetables might be helpful. You get nutrients but your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest them. During my ordeal I had a Chinese Medicine Doctor put me on a regiment of cooked down soups and vegetables for two months! It worked. It got me out of the hole with the help of other alternative therapies from the conventional therapy that left me 90% dead.

Food can also be used to help absorb toxic pile up in the gut. Have you ever craved rice while getting Lyme treatment? You’re not alone. I used to eat an entire pot of rice. At the time I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I learned a long time ago to trust my instincts on everything and looking back I was simply trying to eat something to help absorb the waste in my gut. I added Physillium Husk and a Bentonite Clay to the

The clay is great for absorbing. The Physillium Husk does the same, but it has a cleansing effect as well in the digestive track.

Physillim Husk Powder by Planetary Herbs **Go for the powder (it's the strongest, no caps on this one)

Bentonite Clay by NOW (I used to make a little mixture of these Physillim and Bentonite nicely).

Another good one is Activated Charcoal. Most of you have heard
of this before.

Activated Charcoal From Requa Mfg. (This is the one I've used. Good product)

Activated Charcoal From Source Naturals

Save $5.OO dollars
on your order of these products:

Referral code: RIF816

and get 5 dollars off your order

**(just highlight the code and put in your shopping cart at checkout)

WARNING: Do not take these products with your nutrients (like meals or supplements) as it pulls the good stuff out also! Separate them a few hours apart and never take this together. And don’t forget to drink loads of water with this. And it’s best to do it on an empty stomach.

*There is also something called Welchol, which is basically a prescription that is used for people with Cholesterol problems. Welchol binds not only to cholesterol but also to neurotoxins from die-off. Again, I suggest the natural approach before you “GO THERE” but it is an option. If you are feeling poisoned and your doctor hasn’t mentioned this…SHAME ON THEM. (This is what I’m taking about when I say empowering yourself, once you know what you can do, then you can make sure you get the RIGHT CARE, so get Lyme Disease Coaching if you want to take control of your life).

Don’t let these other Lymies get you down.

Boy, I got the worst hate mail yesterday. This guy was basically telling me (in the same breath) good for you for beating lyme but that’s what it’s called, remission. Yet, another person trying to Rain On My Parade. (This parade, by the way, isn’t slowing down.). He also gave me an earful about politics. (Hey, I’ll admit I don’t keep up with it. It’s depressing. I’m here to help, and I’m certainly not going to take this personally. If someone shows up at my house and asks me to give up my guns, then that will be another story…).

He basically told me I was part of the problem. He started by saying, “sorry to castigate you” and I’m thinking….oh here we go with another overly educated jerk who is not only sick (probably because he refuses to believe he can be helped) but he wants to dwell on all the problems regarding care for Lyme victims. And I guess he’s just sooo smart that he knows everything about it and that success just doesn’t make sense to him.

Taking action is one thing, but being a jerk who writes people emails like this is not a helpful thing and it ensures that he will probably live with LYME FOREVER.

“Elmo” kiss my fast, strong, white arse, seriously. I’ll send you a photocopy of my butt and my gold medals in 2012. There are more and more people (other than myself) who are getting better! It takes a little elbow grease and an open mind... so get over it. I doubt “Elmo” was even at the Lyme-Autism conference.

Sure that spirochete is a sneaky monster and smart…but damn, look at our own immune systems! We’re designed by God. Science can’t even explain how sophisticated our bodies really are. So don’t be depressed!

“Elmo” told me I should do something positive like tell people to send money to the doctor who is doing research in his basement. I say good call. Here’s his address (you can mail him
a check).

Dr AlanMacdonald
50 Route 25a
Smithtown, NY 11787

Hey, I told you when I decided to go for it that I cut out the “lyme world” and I do mean it. I made the best decision I possibly could and even until this day I still don’t see myself as a victim. Let’s face it, part of my problem was because of me. I ignored the bite. I didn’t get help. And I literally “ran” myself into the ground in a brutal sport. It was bound to happen. If not Lyme, something else, some other cootie.

So is it wrong for me to want you to get healthy?

I don’t think so.

Don’t any of you let any of it get you down.

Health is mind, body, and soul. We are always concentrating on BODY. Part of my major healing was that I “exercised my demons.” I had a lot of hate in my heart from being tossed around as an athlete. Did I tell you my agent is from NYC and he didn’t even return my call once he found out I had Lyme? Ouch, that hurt. But playing sports can make you tough. In my book I write about some very strange occurrences on nights when I thought I was going to die and with the process of removing these poisonous emotions I actually had healing reactions HERTZ) and major recovery episodes. I’m saying this was onlypart of it, but just think of this journey as a way to make ALL THINGS RIGHT in your life.

We need a new term. “Lymie” Stinks

I hate this term. I hate it so much I don’t want to mention it in my newsletter. I never saw myself as Lymie and hopefully you don’t either. How about we come up with something better? You can email me your suggestions and I will use the best suggestions from now on.

But for now I like: Tick Slayer!
Yeah, that’s it. From now on all “Lymies” are now “Tick Slayers” if you choose to be.
This is your official knighting ceremony.

I now dub you, Tick Slayer!

Feels better, Right? Tell me about it! Yes, it just so happens to be the name of my book, but honestly I am a TICK SLAYER. I’m not a LYMIE. Never was…never will be.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Let Food Be Thy Lyme Disease Medicine -Getting Enough Fats, Funny Photos at Lyme Disease Conference

This morning I spent some time learning about space. I have to admit that I’m totally fascinated by the universe. Even when I was so ill I was thinking constantly about my place in the universe. When I was a child growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut for the longest time.
You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Lyme. Actually it has a lot to do with it, since part of the healing process is the understanding of how EVERYTHING is connected. Our bodies are like self contained galaxies trying to equalize themselves, no matter what kind of outside force is present. Our minds are part of it. Our biological terrain is part of it. Our organs (inside and out) are part of it. All of this can be manipulated to near perfection.
“Known Universe” on National Geographic and “Planet Earth” on Discovery Channel are two shows that shouldn’t be missed. I don’t care whether you are into science or not. If you’re sick it’s a good idea to watch these shows. They are both inspiring on several levels. “Planet Earth” explores how life is always burdened and how life always manages to continue on and even flourish under the worst conditions. (Hint, hint.)
It all comes down to….where there is a WILL, there is a WAY. There are always answers out there, some better than others, of course.  I sometimes get tired of people believing Lyme is so impossible to overcome. I had full blown Lyme Disease and I was a hair short of making the 2004 Olympic Team (just out of college) in what’s considered the hardest event in track and field, the 800m.
Sure, there were tell-tell signs. At the time I had no idea what was really going on and chalked it up to training hard.  But I desired to race and compete and my body followed suit.
Sometimes to get healthy you have to ignite the drive to be healthy. My drive is simple. I want the World Records for my events. Having such a goal leads me in no other direction but UP. With what I do these days as far as taking care of myself, my lifestyle changes and how I dealt with Lyme Disease,  I’m pretty confident about my goals.
It’s sometimes not good enough to just say “I want to feel good.” It’s too vague for a goal. Lofty goals are not bad and never let anyone make you think your goal is ridiculous. If you used to be able to ride your bike everyday, well now is the time to think about the goal being to compete in cycling. Maybe it’s a road bike race? Maybe it’s a mountain bike race? Shoot for something you haven't done in years or something you avidly did when you were younger.
When I lived in Tucson, Arizona I hung out with a guy who had Cerebral Palsy. This guy bikes 100 miles every day in the desert on a road bike. He told me once that if he didn’t bike then his limbs will literally tie up in knots and be unusable. Is it hard for him to get started each morning? You bet. It’s a long hard process, but once he’s riding he breaks free from his torture. He’s prolonging his life and keeping the disease from conquering him.
Luckily with Lyme Disease, you don’t have to live with it FOREVER.
Let Food Be Thy Medicine (continued)
If you didn’t get the first newsletter on making your diet help you combat Lyme, please go here.
There are some people who believe that food alone can help you cure any type of disease.
It’s surprising that so many people think they eat healthy and really they don’t. That’s why it’s essential for Lymies to do a diet makeover to get well.
Apart from the obvious, like eating out (which more often than not you’re eating some type of processed food), it’s important to control as much as you can when it comes to what you consume. Those who heed this advice will see results.
Luckily, I didn’t have to do a hard diet makeover when I became ill. I was already consuming organic proteins, eating plenty of legumes, lentils, high quality rice, quinoa (a South American grain full of protein and complex carbohydrates), and organic vegetables. I stayed away from the “dirty dozen” (those fruits and vegetables that should be purchased organic as they contain the highest amounts of pesticides): Bell Peppers, Celery, Potatoes, Spinach, Apples, Cherries, Grapes, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Raspberries and Strawberries. The bottom of my food pyramid was WATER (clean, oxygenated, spring water) and not grains.
I already knew what my food allergies were. Basically I’m gluten intolerant. That’s an allergy that made me fairly sick all through college before it was diagnosed. But by knowing this ahead of time, it wasn’t adding to the problem by the time Lyme came around.
Getting enough protein is essential…especially from different sources. If you can’t eat enough protein, you can at least get some from making a shake with protein mix. My favorite is Pea and Rice protein because it’s a complete protein and Whey protein is not always tolerated by some people. I don’t have a milk allergy, but Whey sometimes makes me feel sick and it does so for many people.
The debate is on going about Soy Protein, but I personally hate Soy. Not only is most of it genetically modified, but another thing to be scared about: see but by adding soy to your diet you risk damage to the thyroid, reproductive disorders, immune system breakdowns and other issues.
It’s touted as “healthy” but it wasn’t even considered a real food until just  recently. Fermented Soy can be beneficial (think tempeh, Natto, a great enzyme for breaking down Fibrinogen, and Miso). The importance of grains is paramount. Grains not only provide complex carbohydrates, BUT they help absorb toxins in the gut and digestive system.
Getting Enough Fats?
Quickly let me explain that fats are not all bad. Everyone is so worried about bad fats that many people, when they do indulge themselves in fatty foods, it’s usually the wrong kind of fats. No natural fats are intrinsically good or bad, it’s the proportions that matter. Food processing is always the culprit.

 Those who have bad inflammation usually have a terrible imbalance of their Fatty Acids.

When they are imbalanced inflammation can run amuck.

Good way to tell if your fatty acids are imbalanced? Look at the bottom of your feet. Are your feet dry and cracking? If so, you probably have an imbalance.

Another good way to tell is if you take aspirin and it reduces your inflammation, it means you have an imbalance of fats. (*Taking aspirin and other NSAIDs can destroy joint cartilage, cause liver and kidney damage, cause headaches, skin rashes and ringing in the ears. It can also interfere with sleep patterns and make changes in body temperature.)
Vo2 Max is a measurement for athletes as to how good their oxygen uptake is. It increases by an easy 20% when athletes consume more fats in their diets. Fats = energy.
If you’re worried about cholesterol, just know that impairment of the liver is a big reason why cholesterol runs wild in some people, it’s simply because their liver is not breaking it down. Many natural fats actually balance cholesterol.
Stay away from processed fats like hydrogenated fats and pump up your intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Think Flax seed oil, Borage oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and foods like nuts which contain these acids.

For one of the ultimate “oil experiences” I suggest this Aloe Oil because it’s has the perfect balance and is a rare product that does some pretty wondrous things for many individuals whether it’s digestive issues or inflammation issues. This aloe juice contains complete fatty acids. 

***In full disclosure of “Fats” I should say I’m a big consumer of RAW WHOLE MILK (hormone free, of course) and other dairy products that are WHOLE and not reduced or overly processed in any way. What this means is that I’m satisfied. I don’t go running around making bad late night choices and eating junk because I’ve been denying myself  fats (of the saturated or unsaturated dairy kinds).  If you did the same you might be surprised to see yourself actually lose a few pounds.
……to be continued.
Tomorrow in Columbia, South Carolina
I’ll be at the showing for Under Our Skin in Columbia, South Carolina tomorrow night. That’s this Tuesday at 6pm. It’s at the Nickelodeon Theater. I’ll be on the Talk Back panel after the movie, so come, ask questions, and bring your friends.
Lyme-Austim Conference/ Poker Tournament Photos
Wanna have a few good laughs…at my expense?

 Check out these photos from the conference and plan on going next year! Or you can just go to and scroll down to the bottom on the homepage.
Expect the best,

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Let Food Be Thy Lyme Disease Medicine

This newsletter about food choices was suppose to be sent at the end of last week, but due to my hectic schedule, I was
unable to send it till this morning.

I'm preparing for a photo shoot (for the second day) in Tucson, Arizona. And those getting my newsletter will be
able to VOTE on the TITLE of the book and the COVER of the book (and the pictures are coming out quite stunning). The Lyme-Autism
Conference was this weekend in Phoenix was fantastic and I strongly encourage you to go next year. I had a few Lyme doctors (which I'm
very familiar with their research) try to "pump" me for information,
but I too discovered some other helpful information I did not know about
until this weekend.

A Tough Choice

As you know the US Track and Field Championships was this past weekend.

In February I had started my comeback and was training like I’ve never been able to before! This was exciting and
quite a relief emotionally and physically. After running a FAST 1600m (mile) I thought this was going to be the year I would DIVE back into
athletics. But something strange happened. I had a burning desire to write a book about what had happened and how I beat my health issues
(including Lyme.)

In March I had to make the decision to race the outdoor season this year or not. Trying to devote my time between
writing, a small business I own, and running became an entangled ordeal.

For those who know about professional athletics, it is a FULL TIME JOB. I’m a Type A person and when I get involved in
something I can’t do it “half-assed.” I knew what I was writing was going to change the lives of a lot of people and I knew there were too
many people sick right now who needed to read it…so I made my decision for this year and it wasn’t to race.

I’ve had to make two really hard decisions in my life and this surprisingly wasn’t one of them! Since March of this year
I’ve been focused on getting the book out. I believe it will change the lives of 100% of those inflicted with Lyme and 94% of people who don’t
have Lyme (meaning general population, especially those with autoimmune diseases.)

To me there are too many people suffering so it really wasn’t a choice at all. It just had to be done. After attending
the conference and meeting some of the people who get my newsletter I feel even more confident of the decision I've made about not racing this
year. The book is being edited and is scheduled to be released during the 4th quarter of this year.

Lyme Diet

There is so much information on eating for Lyme Disease that it can’t possibly fit all in this newsletter. So what I’m
going to do is break up these points for future newsletters and include some basic information right now.

I hate to use the word DIET because it sounds like you’re eating to lose weight. Let me just say I’ve always been on a
diet, but it’s never been to lose weight, because if you make the right choices, then you won’t have to worry about weight. It’s ALL about

My first tip is to get your FOOD ALLERGIES TESTED.I’m gluten intolerant and struggled since high school with all kinds of
strange symptoms from it until it was finally diagnosed with one year left to go in college. It’s the reason why I didn’t go to med school. It
was simply because I felt like my doctors had totally failed me. What a simple solution to all of my problems and never did anyone say, “maybe
it’s something you are eating!” Instead, I was the crazy one. Ever felt this way?

You can get a FOOD STAT blood test done to find out what you react to. Big tip is to eat all types of foods (whether you
think you’re allergic to it or not, eat it) so that your reaction to the test will show up. I don’t ever eat GLUTEN and so my gluten reaction
didn’t show up this last time I was tested. I should have nibbled on some bread right before the test.

Food can be an amazing healing device. Just think when you take a supplement and how SMALL it is. Then think about how
many serving sizes of that supplement would fit into your lunch portion or dinner portion.

I have a lot of food rules so I’m going to go through just a few today.

#1: Stop eating processed foods. You probably have heard this. Not only do you not get the nutrients that you
need, but you’re probably getting calories you don’t need either. When shopping for food in the grocery store, stick to the perimeter of the
store. I hardly ever go down the aisles unless it’s for spices, salt, balsamic vinegar, etc.

#2: Consume dairy products free of hormones.
Eat RAW dairy if possible. Hormones run wild when you are diseased because your body can’t regulate itself, but adding to the problem is
when you start eating foods from animals which are passing on certain hormones to screw up your balances even more. Thanks to local South
Carolina farmers, you can get raw milk which is full of enzymes and I’ve been drinking it for years now. LOVE IT. Pasteurization kills the good
stuff…in all packaged foods.

Wonder why 10 years old girls are starting to get their periods and have boobs? We live in an industrial country, even in
the South (thanks to the Civil War, and of course, it was probably inevitable anyway.) We simply are over-estrogenized. So stop eating out
of plastics (whenever possible) because they leach chemicals that increase this phenomena. Don’t microwave in plastics. Don’t drink hot
liquids in styrofoam cups! I majored in Packaging Engineering and I know things about plastics that are REALLY scary.

#3 Consumer meat products which are free of hormones. Meat is not bad to eat. I think some blood types do better
with less meat and some do better with more meat. I’m 0+, which means I need meat. When I train and race, if I don’t eat beef three times a week
I feel like terrible. When I’m not training or racing, I find other sources of protein and maybe eat meat once or twice a week.

When I go into a grocery store I start thinking about how the animals were processed because happy animals taste better
and are better for you. When animals are treated poorly and are scared to death when they are slaughtered their muscles are full of adrenaline.
Not a good substance for you to be eating. ( ) *This is a safe link, even though it looks like it isn't.

And to be honest because I am familiar with how these animals are processed I know if you knew how bad it was, you
wouldn’t be eating these major brands either. I personally don’t want to be part of the problem. I know by consuming it, I am. Therefore, I have
found other solutions which keep me healthier physically and HAPPIER.

Most people don’t even think about this when they are picking up those little plastic wrapped trays of meat in their
grocery store. But perhaps you’ll start doing this because it’s not only the right thing to do for humanitarian reasons, but it is right for your

#4 Buy Local. In South Carolina there is a movement to eat products born and raised in South Carolina. I’m sure
other states are already doing this. It’s so easy to get your groceries from local farmers who sell directly to people. It means lower costs and
higher quality foods.

Produce grown by locals usually aren’t stripped farm (a common commercial farming technique.) This means the produce is
grown in soil which has more nutrients. It also means it’s picked when it’s ripe, not picked green (which means it hasn’t had enough time on
“the vine”.) A lot of the produce in grocery stores has little nutrient value. So buy local produce.

Meats that are raised and slaughtered locally mean animals don’t have to go through the grueling processing which is cruel
and unusual. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how smaller farms are now using mobile slaughterhouses so their animals can
be processed right at home. A farmer was interviewed, who names all of his animals and he said it was the best way for them to die. Each animal
is called over, away from the others and is slaughtered so quickly it doesn’t have time to even know what’s going on. The meat is healthier
and tastier as a result.

In SC we can get buy an entire cow, have it slaughtered (the natural way) and put it in the freezer. We hardly buy
meats from the grocery store now and when we do we buy “certified humane” and “no growth hormones” and “grass feed”. Is it worth the
extra cost? HECK YES. Food is essential and if you eat junk, well…you know the old saying.

#4 Stop eating PORK. This is a hard one because I think the #1 indulgent food is PORK. People LOVE pork. But
you have to know Jews and Muslims got this right. They don’t eat pork for religious reasons, but it might as well be for health reasons! I’ve
been reading way too many studies that show pork consumption causes an inflammatory response in humans. With so many Lymies who have
inflammation, why add to it?

I’ve been off pork for a long time and will stay off. I know that if I’m ever craving pork, it’s almost always because
I’m low in Niacin. Yep, pork has a ton of Niacin and other B-vitamins. If I’m craving pork and I smell my smell
sensitive vitamins
, the Niacin smells wonderful (the clue that I need it.)

*** At the conference I was horrified to hear about certain research that has been done on GMO
foods. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Foods and while I knew this was an issue, I had no idea how bad this situation is for our own
health. I'll write about it in the near future (hopefully this week).

This newsletter has gotten long enough, so the Lyme Diet information will continue. I’m almost finished re reading
Dr. Maffetone’s Eating For Endurance
which has great information in it. So I’ll be discussing some of his
points in the near future.

Expect the best,

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though I cannot right now):

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